Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pictures of a Flexible and Active Baby

Pictures from the bi-weekly (or is it bi-monthly) visit to the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor.

Props to T for coming along to all my doctors' visits and taking notes. She said at this visit that she is just a secretary, but she's much more than that. I appreciate her support at every visit, and she's there watching Emma grow right alongside me, and asking the good questions.

This visit was Monday March 23, and here are the vitals:
Heart rate 146
She is practicing breathing, and they don't expect to see that until 28 weeks, so she is ahead of schedule (the visit was at 25 weeks).
Right brain ventricle: 1.68
Left brain ventricle: 2.0
Third brain ventricle: .43
"prominent anterior horns" in the brain
no measurements at this visit, but she was on schedule with weight
Cord looks good
She is still breech, and is expected to stay that way
gastroschisis is stable

Onto the ultrasound pictures

a great profile, and you can see her little heart in the picture.
Can you also see the cute little nose and lips?

another sweet profile.

that limb? the tech said it was her leg.

the tech really liked her profile. another beautiful one.

that's her arm by her head (again).

see that little hand by her (alien-looking) head?

another angle on the hand-head shot. A little fuzzier, but still sweet.

a regular resolution shot of her foot. She wouldn't cooperate to let us get the picture of her feet. She barely cooperated to let the tech get the pictures she needed of the gastroschisis. (Which she was very protective of. Which is a very common reaction from gastro babies; they don't want to show the tech the exposed bowels.)

oh, the U/S tech changed back to the first one I had at this doctor's office. All the U/S techs and nurses and office staff at this doctor's office are GREAT!

We met the partner doctor at this visit. He's a funny guy, and started out making us laugh. He also tried to use a Jedi mind trick, and I caught on. He recommended against doing steroid shots at 28 weeks.


alicia said...

bi weekly, twice monthly
breech -hm, that is also a protective mechanism of many babies with issues.
cute feet again!

norbert huntley said...

Very cute pictures

a great addition to the clan

you and yours are surrounded with our love & protection

uncle bert

Anonymous said...

I was a gastroschisis baby born 2 months premature in 1975. I wasn't expected to make it, but here I am 33 years later. There were no long term affects and I've have a complete recovery. If it weren't for the scars, know one would ever know. Have faith and hope.