Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Test - Glucose Tolerance Test

I went Wednesday for my Gestational Diabetes Screening (Glucose Tolerance Test) and hematocrit.

(funny side note - I told my boss that I had to go take a glucose test, and he asked me if I studied for it.)

The drink is gross, like overly sweet orange punch for kids. On the advice of the nurse at my OB's office, I ate only protein for breakfast (during work), so I wouldn't have a sugar-carb spike, and I was SO hungry! I drank the drink, sat there for an hour and watched all these random guys come in to do urine drug screens. After an hour, the very nice and friendly lab tech took my blood, 2 vials worth.

Relatively painless, though I got a BIG OLD bandage on my arm. (I can't wear the band-aids, they hurt me worse than the needle sticks.)

The blood will be sent off to a lab, and then my OB's office will contact me with results. It could be a couple days, though. As far as I know, I'm not at risk for gestational diabetes, based upon family history. But there is a long history of type 1 diabetes in my family.

But it's one more thing down in the random pregnancy testing.

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Anonymous said...

"Orange Crush on Steroids" Mine was a 2h fasting. About 5 min after drinking it I had a severe "flush" that lasted about 10 minutes and then 20 min or longer of nausea. Not a fun test. Dad.