Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby Expo and My Weekend in Emma

So, I went to the local baby expo yesterday. It was sponsored by the local hospitals and local children's paper. The teacher of my hospital-run childbirth class gave out free passes, though I had planned to go anyway.

When I walked in, the first booth I saw was for the local high-priced maternity boutique, Haute Mama. I went in there a few weeks ago, and talked to the owner, who is awesome. She was selling some really cute slogan t-shirts from 2chix. I tried on two different styles, and envied another.

Here's the one I bought. It's a tank top that says "Babyfat":

I tried this one on, but high-necked tees look weird on me:

And I like this one, but I couldn't figure out when/where I'd get to wear it:

I walked around for a bit, stopped at some booths and got the free stuff, signed up for more. I saw a booth for midwives, and stopped to chat. I was talking to one of the other people at the booth, saying my mom is a midwife, but they don't have CNMs here. The girl said, she's a CNM, and the woman asked me who my mom was. When I told her, she got up and hugged me. This woman, Andrea, is an online friend of my mom's who knew my story. She asked how I was doing, how the baby was doing, and told me I had a whole online midwives board praying for me. It was great to finally meet her, as she attended the birth of my old Pilates instructor's daughter, and is well-known around town.

I walked around some more, and met a private practice pediatrician who has a Lactation MD on staff. I told her that I wasn't ready to choose a pediatrician until after I talk to and interview the surgeons (pediatric and neuro), and after she is born.

Then, the next booth over was a County Breastfeeding Coalition. The nurses who were working the booth were nurses at the children's hospital, and made me feel much better about the care Emma will receive when is going through her gastro repairs. They also encouraged me to pump and freeze during her hospitalization, and were impressed that I had already planned to pump.

Lastly, I saw a booth for the hospital I deliver at, encouraging mothers to do tummy-time, sponsored by the physical therapy and rehab nurses. I told them my story, and they tracked down an ICU nurse who regularly attends on complicated births like I am expecting.

Lastly, I got a quick massage and hand treatment from these in-home spa treatment ladies. A nice relaxing end to the whole day. Oh, and the local dairy was giving out free pickles and ice cream, but I just got chocolate ice cream. (Even pregnant, I'm not a big fan of pickles.)

I left the expo feeling reassured about what's ahead. I've met nurses from both hospitals, who explained the processes. I've been told I will get to hold her, though not immediately after she's born (they have to stabilize her, and I have to have my c-section closed).

I felt so good, I went shopping afterward. I bought a pair of shoes at a discount shoe store (I even, with the help my aunt on the phone, answered a trivia question that saved me three dollars). I went to Kohl's, where I've never shopped before, and found they had a maternity section. I tried on a bunch of things, most of which fell into the "tent" category of maternity clothes, and some of which fall into the "doesn't cover the boobs enough" catergory. But I found one top, a black cross-front top with ties in the back, that I think will take me the rest of the way, and work as a dressed-up or dressed down option.

So, that's my weekend in Emma. She's been moving and partying a little bit. She seems to be responding when I give her her "Baby Plus" lessons. My mom bought it for me to use for Emma (from Amazon). I'm also occasionally playing her some Beatles from my ipod, using an old pair of headphones.

The every-two-weeks ultrasound is tomorrow. I should have some new pictures of Emma up this week.

Thanks to everyone (friends & family) who checks this and keeps Emma and I in their thoughts. I appreciate it more than you know.


Johnny said...

How in the world could you pass up the pickles option? (j/k)
I'm glad you had a good time at the Expo, and that things are going well. Keep us informed.

grandma pat said...

Really enjoyed reading about your adventure with Emma. The pictures of Emma are wonderful. Thank you for posting them for gp and me to see.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Jess, be honest. You are playing her some Violent Femmes, The The, and Michael Penn, too.


bcpartello said...


She has the best Mom in the world! To meet one of your Mom's online friends was amazing I am sure. Miss you and wish you the best.