Monday, June 18, 2007

Emma may be coming early...

Today, like every Monday, I had an appt with the MFM. I'm currently 37w4d, and just got the call this morning from my OB's with the official C-section date (scheduled for Monday July 2).

Everything seemed to be okay with the U/S, the bowels (gastroschisis) were stable, though the enlarged brain ventricles had jumped up in size. Her weight was good (est at 8 lbs, though that is high because of the head size), BPP 8/8, FHR 153, amniotic fluid level at upper limits, and a good layer of fat on her tummy. She was practicing breathing, and, as per usual, had her hand on her face. (Actually, we got a really cute picture of her sticking her tongue out.)

Well, after the U/S, they set me in the consultation room to wait, and left me there for 30-40 minutes. Then the MFM doc comes in, and starts saying we need to do an amnio for lung maturity. When? Now would be good. And, if the lungs are mature, we need to take her early because of the change in her brain ventricles.

When I explained (again) that I had nobody here (my folks live in Illinois, and mom was planning on being here for the scheduled section date), he was unsympathetic at best. He actually said, It's not like you are taking her home, and it's not like you are going home for a few days, so why do you need people here? Like, a) anyone wants to give birth, even by c-section, alone, b), what, am I going to drive myself to the hospital and leave my car in the lot for 3 days?, and c) the baby shouldn't have to be in a hospital across town without family there. He totally freaked me out, and I really didn't like way he presented it. I called my mom, and was talking to her about it when one of the nurses came in. I like this nurse; she's always been straight with me (and has two family members with hydrocephalus, so she knows a lot about it). She said I should talk to my doctor, and call them tomorrow once I had talked to my doc and my sister had gotten here.

So, tomorrow, I'm going to go into work, get some last minute transitional stuff done, and make sure my leave / disability paperwork is completed. Then I will go for the amnio. It should take a few hours for the results to come back. If her lungs are mature, Emma Collette may be making her entrance into the world either tomorrow (Tuesday 6/19) or Wednesday (6/20).

I suppose I always knew that this was a very distinct possibility. But things had been going well, and I just had started to think we could make it to the scheduled date.

So, I'm scared, freaked out, and totally not ready to deliver. And, yet, I have an amnio tomorrow and may deliver tomorrow.

Please keep myself and Emma in your prayers. Oh, and all our doctors, too.

Thanks for your support! It means a LOT to me.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!!! I'm freaked out too!!!! But REALLY excited about meeting the long-awaited Emma C. PRAYING for you!

Bekah said...

I "know" your mom through some online groups. Want you to know that I'm praying for your whole family, and especially for little Emma.

Monica said...

Prayers Jess! Hoping that everything will go really smoothly and baby Emma Collette will do just great.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

We will pray for you and your sweet, little girl for healing and a good birth.